Participation in the workforce and Education of Japanese Women

These days you could see an equal treatment to Japanese women rights. However, long ago Japanese women were just like any other women in those countries where they had no freedom for their own. They needed to follow each and every decision their husbands or fathers may think to be good for them. They never had the chance to have equal rights with the opposite sex. Japanese women were also a victim of gender equality dating back to their earlier times of government.Modern Japanese girls

It is believed that Japanese women should stay home devote their life in caring for their children and their husbands when they arrive from work. The life of Japanese women as a wife had only a self fulfillment when they achieve something like being able to manage the house very well and being a great mother to their children. However they may be fulfilled there is still a downfall for this when the family will have problems they were the ones to be blamed.

As years passed by Japanese women rights started to pop up. They had the chance to go to school and have able to reach secondary school. However, the majority of the Japanese women gained the secondary education on some junior colleges as well as technical skills schools in contrast being in universities or colleges. It was on the Twentieth Century that the Japanese women opportunities to go to school elevated. On 1990 the paid labor force entered to the lives of Japanese women nearly 50% of their population joined the labor force. In this way, they started to get out of their houses and do work from real work places and be in a work force. Japanese women did had the chance to go on an employment were it will be no more on their households. Peasant and merchant Japanese women had worked always. Some problem occurred because of this. Japanese women started to be separated from their home which resulted to new problems in caring the children. At first it was only the single Japanese women who entered the labor force but as time goes the married Japanese women discovered the way to be on the workforce. As this opened the Japanese women empowerment some Japanese women landed some jobs on the government some became professionals of their fields of expertise. Some Japanese women after getting married they went back to the labor force. This may seem that Japanese women has gained the right however they justify this that working back is also the extension of their obligations as a member of the family. However, Japanese women gained this right they still understood that their husbands work will require longer hours and lots of devotion. Despite the fact that they were given equal rights to work they still didn’t received the same salary their husbands could make. Because of this women opted for a part time work and spend some of their time taking care of the family instead of working full-time.

Japanese women history is a pivotal happening in Japan. They show great survival skills starting on the gender differences in their rights right until towards they gained an equal right with the males. If you plan on dating Japanese women you should know that they are the fruits of a long struggle of equality. Treat Japanese women like a very fragile thing and they will pay you more what you have shown to them.