Cruel Chinese Foot Binding

If you are familiar with Chinese culture enough, you could know Chinese Foot Binding which was an old Chinese custom in which young girls’ feet had been tightly bound to restrict and alter their growth. Foot binding is believed to have originated in imperial China in the 10th or 11th century, almost certainly as a fashionable practice amongst wealthy girls. Despite the fact that its first adherents utilized it as a status symbol to indicate their high social rank, foot binding gradually spread all through the culture. By the 12th century, even the poorest families practiced it.Chinese foot binding

How it Worked
When a girl was about three years of age, most of her toes would be fractured and her feet bound tightly with linen strips to impede their growth. The ideal was to produce a 3-inch “lotus foot” by limiting development to just a few inches. The binding forced a girl’s toes down toward the soles of her feet to type a concave form.

The practice became so pervasive that a lady whose feet had not been bound would have difficulty finding a husband most households demanded a lady with tiny feet when selecting a wife for their son.

Effects on the Body
The physical consequences of this procedure extended far beyond the feet themselves. Females with bound feet had difficulty walking, squatting and working in the fields. A 1997 study by researchers at the University of California at San Francisco located that ladies ages 80 and older with bound feet were a lot more likely to have fallen in the earlier year and to want assistance in increasing from a sitting position. They also had lower bone density in the hip and spine than females with normal feet, increasing their risk of debilitating fractures.

Soon after the Ban on Foot Binding
Even right after foot binding was banned by the Chinese government in the early 20th century, the practice continued in secret for years, specially in rural locations exactly where enforcement was hard. Foot binding is no longer practiced right now, but should we abandon this feudal custom forever? Definitely ! Let alone the misshapen feet hindered the women’s capability to work in the fields and created them much less in a position to assistance their households.