Four Effective Principles of Dating Asian Girls

Date Asian girls Successfully

Asian girls are unique. It’s their uniqueness that makes them beautiful and alluring. They have a distinct body type, complexion, facial feature that are just simply sexy and captivating. However, they are also different from western women because of their traditions and customs. And because of their uniqueness in culture, you can have difficulty getting through even the first date if you are not familiar with them.Modern Asian girl

There are ways you can do so that you can get your lady and win her heart. But you must remember that like every other girl, there is no golden rule. Therefore, you really have to study and get to know her a lot first. So to know her, you must at least date her. Here are the ways to get your girl go on a date with you:

1. Be subtle

Asian girls don’t like guys who are too upfront. It’s okay to let her know that you like her but you shouldn’t tell her that you would like to go on a date already with just two or three meetings. This will only scare her. Asian girls are known for their conservative nature and most believe that couples should be serious when having a relationship. It’s natural for them to become defensive when a guy approaches and immediately asks for a date and offers a relationship with her.


A good way to know her without necessarily using the word “date” is to avoid candlelit dinners for two with a good night kiss from her. These kinds of date put you in a situation where there are great expectations and then awkwardness. Start friendly by offering perhaps a lunch or coffee together. That way you can ease the tension between you two. There will be no expectations. It’s just the two of you enjoying each other’s company while getting to know her better in the hope of having a relationship with her.

2. Get close to her family and friends

Show to her that you are interested with her family and friends or at least make her think so. Asian girls are tightly bound to their families. She respects her parents very much. It would be a total plus if you could show interest by knowing her parents, bonding with her siblings or going out with her friends. There’s an old saying that if you marry an Asian girl, you are also marrying her whole family. Besides, most Asian girls still keeps their traditional values and still needs the approval of their parents if she’s going in to a relationship as a sign of respect. And most Asian Parents are protective of their daughters.

3. Get rid of the cheesy lines

Most guys tend to impress their ladies by making cheesy pick up lines and speeches. But the truth is your Asian lady has already heard all those lines. To get her interested, it is better to let her talk about herself and less about you. This will give an impression that you are really interested in her. Your girl will also like the fact that you are different from other guys who just memorize their speeches.

4. Be interesting to other girls as well

Asian women may admire you more if you also have other admirers. They love the competition especially if they know that the guy is really into them. Asian girls will definitely want you for themselves if they know there’s someone out there that likes you too.